The Fashion “It” Girls

We keep reading in various magazines and on various blogs about the IT girls. And even if in the beginning we are not that interested who they actually are we eventually start wondering. Who are these IT girls?

The first thing that has to be mentioned about these girls is that they are the daughters of singers, actors and actresses and so on. They have been called the IT girls for a very simple reason: because of the way they dress. The cool factor is something else that has determined the media to refer to them as the It girls ( the girls that all of their fans would like to be).

Coco Summer (alias Eliot Pauline, Rumer Willis and Georgia Jagger are just some of the girls that have captured the attention of the media because of their fashion choices. From British – rock stylish jeggings and fur waists to sexy outfits on the red carpet these girls seem have the world of fashion on the palm of their hands. Another important common factor that these girls have is that they are very young. But even so, their fashion style proceeds their age.

And so we start wondering what exactly we do these girls do all day besides choosing their outfits? As you might have guessed they are actually busy with photo shoots for various fashion magazines, they have their acting careers, singing careers and some of them have their own reality shows.

Fashion is relative, we don’t have to dress in certain manner to be trendy. As long as we choose to wear clothes that make us look and feel great, not even the price tag matters. Fashion trends come and go, but there is one constant thing that we should all know about these trends: they make a strong comeback after a few years of absence. This is why you could choose to keep some outfits because you many never know when you can wear them again. Invest in high quality clothes and you will manage to have a great wardrobe you can rely on.